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Moon Sounds Reverb

by Butterfly Effect Pedals

  • Moon Sounds Reverb (Early-bird version)



    Limited edition of (5) 'Early-bird' reverberation effect pedals by: Butterfly Effects Pedals

    Sparkle enclosure and script font.

    Sold Out

  • Moon Sounds Reverb



    'Standard version' reverberation effect pedals by: Butterfly Effects Pedals

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--> youtu.be/2dSl4gAG9Ac <--

The Moon Sounds Reverb is a digital reverb that is somewhat different from your average reverb. It uses the Accutronics-Belton BTDR-2 Reverb Module which comprises three separate echo chips, plus some clever circuitry and modulation, to produce a reverb which is reminiscent of some of the earliest digital reverbs from the late 70s/early 80s.


released November 4, 2014

HF Damp: This rolls off the high-frequency content of the reverberated signal, resulting in a darker, denser sounding

Reverb. Turn anticlockwise for a darker tone.

Mix: This balances between the dry, unaffected tone and the wet, reverberated tone.
Clockwise = more reverb,
anticlockwise = less reverb.

Dwell: This feeds some of the reverb signal back into the reverb input and increases the reverb decay time. This has the effect of increasing the perceived room size of the reverberation. Set to minimum for a spring reverb-like tone.

Tails/True Bypass switch: This gives you the option of selecting how the pedal is bypassed. This small, blue and white slider switch is located inside the pedal, in the bottom-right corner of the circuit board. In the UP position, the Tails option is selected. When the effect is turned off in this mode, the reverb signal dies away, as opposed to cutting off abruptly. In this mode, the bypass is buffered. This may be useful if you have lots of unbuffered effects and long cable run, as it helps preserve the signal strength.
In True Bypass mode (switch DOWN) the reverb cuts off abruptly when bypassed and the input signal is routed directly to the output.

What else?

•Power is supplied by a 2.1mm power jack with a negative centre, just like Boss et al uses. The power supply
should be able to supply 100mA.
•While there is some power supply filtering in the pedal, may not be enough to deal with a cheap, noisy switch mode
power supply.
•This pedal uses selectable, true-bypass or buffered switching.

WEEE Regulations: Don’t send waste to landfill. If you have a guitar effects pedal that has reached the end of its life, please don’t dispose of it in your household waste. If you decide not to sell it or pass it on, get in touch with me and I can repair, reuse and recycle most of the component parts.

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